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Plant-wide Monitoring Just Became As Easy As Browsing The Web…



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View up to the minute process data from

Anywhere on Anything

using a compatible web browser on a computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection

Standardized process data for nearly every brand of die casting machine

Cloud based web application - no software to install or maintain

Automatic Remote Back-up of process and setup data

No hardware to maintain

Complete Statistical Process Control charts and reports for virtually every cycle of every machine

Hybrid Plotting to analyze injection performance

Productivity Charts show scrap and production downtime


Plant-wide Monitoring


Charts, reports and profiles update in realtime as the machine cycles.

View process data in real time, seconds after the shot cycle occurs from anywhere.

Compare current shot profiles to any shot taken in the past.

Displays Downtime and Scrap Charts by shift, job, operator or machine.

Analyze Statistical Process Control Charts such as X bar R, Run Chart, Moving Range and Distribution Chart.

Allows complete access to current and historic process data for every machine from virtually anywhere.  All that is required is a computer, tablet or smart phone running a compatible web browser with an internet connection.

View data not only at a workstation, but also from home or when visiting a customer.

Consistent web based user interface reduces employee training requirements.

Tymac SmartBox/2

Process Monitor

The SmartBox/2 was designed to meet the unique needs of the die casting industry and to take advantage of new electronics technology.  Paring the SmartBox/2 with the TymacHMI plant wide monitoring system reduces the cost of monitoring each die casting machine.  The TymacHMI system allows user supplied PCs to be used as workstations so the need for a keypad and display at each SmartBox/2 is eliminated reducing the size, power consumption and cost of the SmartBox/2

The Tymac SmartBox/2 can monitor over 100 process parameters comparing them to user defined limits to immediately signal out-of-tolerance conditions that can lead to undetected scrap in the die casting process.