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In addition to providing excellent service and support for our equipment, we also regularly provide applications assistance and ongoing training to our many customers.


Startup training is of course provided during initial installation of Tymac units, usually a few days duration (depending on the individual setup).


A follow-up session approximately 3 months after installation is recommended, especially for new customers. Customers have found that the follow-up training session does significantly help to get the most value out of Tymac's systems.


Tymac's technical staff are available by phone or in person to troubleshoot not only Tymac manufactured equipment and machinery but also assist in the troubleshooting of other equipment. Tymac's experience in hydraulics, electronics, electrical and the die cast process can be called upon to help with your most difficult troubleshooting issues.

Spare Parts

Tymac maintains a stock of spare parts ready to ship for delivery the next day to minimize downtime. Tymac supports not only the latest generation of equipment but still maintains stock to support equipment last produced over 12 years ago.

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