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About Us: company profile & history
Products & Services
    - Process Monitoring Systems:
       - LCM
       - RTU
       - MTU
       - Process Monitoring: Explanation
    - Real-Time Velocity Controls:
       - SuperShot III 680K Cold-chamber Shot End
       - SuperShot III 600H Hot-chamber Shot End
       - SuperShot II / III Retrofit control Systems
       - Principals of Velocity Control: Explanation
    - Automation Equipment
       - Tymac Involute Ladle
    - Service & Support
       - Remanufacturing and Rebuilding
       - Support
Savings & Benefits: some examples of savings, etc.
What's New?: new technology, press releases, upgrades, etc.
Articles: information on how and why, PDF files, and so on
Case Histories: a few success stories
Site Map: here
Contact Us: contact info

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