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Benefits of Monitoring Systems:

Faster set-up time by downloading prior setups
Easy-to-read graphical shot status display
Decreased scrap levels
Data collection for analysis & troubleshooting
Alarms when tolerances are exceeded
Diagnose machine problems more easily
Decreased inspection costs

Benefits of SuperShot Systems:

Reduced flash
Less cooling time needed for the die
Increased productivity
Less porosity
Lower stress on the machine, especially the tie-bars
Less blistering
Metal savings
Less need for post-casting finishing treatments
Faster production rate
Reduced downtime
Longer die life (15% at least, often double that)
Fewer metal-heating costs
Run larger parts on smaller machines, reliably

Savings Examples:

SuperShot savings on a 400-ton cold chamber machine
Quality Improvements & Cost Reduction Results, Long-Term, with a 660-ton Machine
A Few Quick Percentages Using Real-Time Control
Cost Justification for Tymac Process Control

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