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SuperShot 600H Hot Chamber Shot End

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SuperShot 600H Hot Chamber Shot End

The Tymac SuperShot 600H CNC shot end combines a high-efficiency design, precise closed-loop shot control, and the advantages of a low-inertia injection cylinder.

Total Manufacturing Capability
The SuperShot 600H has plenty of power for a large array of die casting techniques. Conventional hot chamber zinc and high speed magnesium casting - it can handle any challenge.

"...our downstream buffing, painting, and inspection costs have
    decreased because the machine is producing flash- and porosity-free castings
    with excellent surface finish" -Patrick Bye, Engineering Manager, ACCO USA Efficiency
With the SuperShot 600H, you can reliably run bigger parts on smaller machines. You can get higher quality with lower manufacturing costs. You can have a flexibility in your shot cycle that other machines can't achieve.

Tailored to Fit
Shot ends for applications on machines with clamp tonnages between 125 and 1200 tons are available.


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