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SuperShot Retrofit Control Systems

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SuperShot Retrofit Installation

The Tymac SuperShot II.5 Retrofit5 Control System allows the benefits of real-time velocity control to be applied to virtually any die casting machine. Tymac's SuperShot II.5 can improve shot speed, reduce or eliminate flash, increase yield, reduce setup time, and extend die life.

Total Manufacturing Capability

The Performance and flexibility of the Tymac SuperShots has been a key
      factor in our ability to rapidly expand while remaining profitable every
      year.  Consequently, our maintenance team has decided to install Tymac
      SuperShot real time control systems on every machine.  - Joe Prieve, Plant
      Manager, Top Die Casting Co. The SuperShot II.5 retrofit control system increases the capability of older machines allowing the use of newer die casting techniques including low impact and cold-chamber fill profiling. Conventional cold-chamber and hot-chamber, squeeze casting, semi-solid casting, magnesium casting, heat-treatable casting - can all be controlled by a Tymac SuperShot II.5 retrofit control system.

...after several months of continuous operation through all sorts of
      operating conditions we have been very impressed with the substantial
      improvements in consistency and accuracy.  ...we have not had to perform
      any maintenance or make any adjustments at all since installation.  ...it
      is more accurate with a faster response than the previous generation.  As a
      result, quality and productivity are both up substantially.  -William
      Hughes, Presbar Diecasting


With SuperShot controls, you can reliably run bigger parts on smaller machines. You can get higher quality with lower manufacturing costs. You can have a flexibility in your shot cycle that other machines can't achieve.

Tailored to Fit

SuperShot II.5 Retrofit controls are available for most applications on machines with clamp tonnages between 125 and 3500 tons.

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