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The Tymac RTU-9000 is an expanded user interface and control tool. It works with the LCM-9000, providing a more complete picture of shot operations through a variety of comparison techniques.

Versatile Displays
With the RTU-9000, you can view data in text or graphic formats. Graphical shot profiles can be shown alone, or overlaid onto a stored master profile for easy comparison, in color. Reports, charts, and graphs are also easy to prepare and print out.

Quick Job Start-Ups
The RTU-9000 can store multiple setups, so all you need to do is download them into an LCM-9000.

A single RTU-9000 unit can be shared between as many as 32 different LCM-9000 units, connecting to them only when needed.

Made to survive in the tough plant environment, the RTU-9000 is fully hardened to heat, vibration, and stress. Advanced technology means a minimum of moving parts. This unit is rated for continuous duty without heat exchangers or air conditioners.

Powerful Software
Shot Profile Software lets you view, manipulate, and print position or hybrid shot profiles. These can be current data, an archived file, or one of 100 automatically stored Exception Profiles. The software lets you analyze velocity, temperature, pressure, and tie-bar strain of a single shot, or of 2 shots overlaid for comparison. Another feature lets you configure the RTU-9000 to continuously display each shot profile as it is received.
Shot Status Software covers all operations that show the user the current status of the specific machine the RTU-9000 is hooked up to.
Productivity & Quality Software gives you a database where job, operator id, machine names and status, scrap codes, and user-specified tolerances can be stored. Setups can be easily downloaded/uploaded to an LCM-9000.
Charts & Reports Software provides analysis and display. Statistical Process Control reports include X-Bar & R charts, scatter diagrams, run charts, distribution graphs, and HiLo range charts.


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