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February 27, 2003 - HMT Limited Appointed Sales And Service Representatives Of Tymac Products In India.

Tymac Process Automation LLC is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with HMT Limited of Bangalore, India, under which HMT will be the sales and service representatives of Tymac products to die casters in India. HMT will be offering Tymac's 9000 series central and plant floor monitoring systems, retrofit real-time shot control systems, and Tymac's flagship product, the SuperShot 2002 real-time CNC-controlled shot end.

The agreement between HMT and Tymac is significant in that both companies offer unique and distinguished contributions to the relationship. HMT is an internationally recognized company with assets worth over 250 million US$. Since its establishment in 1953, many new products have been added to its manufacturing range. HMT has had technical collaborations with over 30 leading international engineering companies for the manufacture of various products.

Tymac Process Automation LLC is recognized as the industry leader for die casting process control technology. Since its inception in 1973, Tymac has introduced many revolutionary products beginning with the first electronic monitoring systems for diecasting. Soon thereafter, Tymac commercialized the first central plant-wide monitoring system and then began to offer retrofit control systems for existing die cast machines. Tymac's patented SuperShot 2002 fully-integrated shot end provides the industry's fastest dry shot speeds at 500 inches per second at normal system pressures. It has an independent intensifier combined with the world's fastest and most accurate CNC real-time closed-loop control system. Tymac's revolutionary shot end design allows for extremely rapid acceleration during fast shot, resulting in parts with excellent surface finishes. Another significant benefit resulting from rapid acceleration is that die casters can reduce injected metal temperatures, which in turn results in a 20-30% decrease in cycle time. The shot cylinder can be decelerated from fast shot in an astounding 2.3 milliseconds to a controlled velocity, eliminating impact and reducing or often eliminating flash completely, while dramatically reducing die maintenance and downtime.

The net result of the partnering of Tymac and HMT for Indian die casters will be a die cast machine with an industry-proven clamp end seamlessly integrated to Tymac's high-tech shot end, providing superior quality parts at lower cost, all at a price that is very competitive with multinational die cast machine builders. 

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