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Ford Becomes Licensee

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November 1, 2002 - Ford Licenses Technology from Mickowski.

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, and Mr. John R. Mickowski, President and CEO of Tymac Process Automation LLC, Franklin, New Jersey, have reached a licensing agreement whereby Ford may use the technology of certain of Mickowski's process monitoring and analyzing patents in its Rawsonville and Belfast operations.

Ford joins several other firms in obtaining licenses to Mickowski's basic patents, which are used worldwide in high pressure diecasting and other operations. The technology is used to significantly improve quality and to simultaneously decrease scrap rates, material and energy costs.

In 1998, Mr. Mickowski was named an Inventor of the Year by the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame in recognition of the economic contributions made by the licensed invention to cost reductions and scrap rate reduction realized by automobile companies and other firms. In 1998, since the commercialization of the invention by Tymac, the economic benefits it generated were estimated to exceed $1 billion. The New Jersey Inventors Congress and Hall of Fame was founded to recognize and honor New Jersey inventors and the role of invention in New Jersey economic development.  

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