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November 5, 2002 - Striko Becomes Tymac's UK Rep.

Tymac Process Automation LLC expects growing demand from British diecasters for its process control and monitoring equipment, following the appointment of Striko UK as its local agent.

"Next to North America, we expect Great Britain to be our fastest growing market segment," says company President John Mickowski. "Of course, we are very aware that the UK industry is flat at the moment, and that most diecasters can't justify investment in new capital equipment - but that makes the case for upgrading existing machines with computerised control and monitoring more compelling than ever."

"It's also important to remember that the increasing globalisation of the industry brings with it the requirement to meet higher quality standards, which in turn demands the complete documentation of process variables - including SPC for every casting - that only a central computer system can provide."

"Although there's plenty of scope for diecasters to improve their process, they've certainly come a long way since our first foray into the UK back in the 1970s. At that time, monitors and control systems were unknown, even on new machines. The process was still very much a craft, with operators making manual trial-and-error adjustments purely by the sound of the shot and the appearance of the casting."

Founded in 1973, Tymac invented the first electronic monitoring system for diecasting. Other industry 'firsts' over the years have included the use of microcomputers, plant-wide networks and effective real-time closed-loop velocity control by 1984. Today, the company offers the industry's only combined predictive and real-time shot control system; the industry's highest-speed CNC shot end; the highest resolution and accuracy position/velocity sensor data; and the fastest system response time. All of which results in higher quality at reduced cost.

Several UK diecasters have already installed Tymac's 9000 series central computer networks and retrofitted SuperShot real-time closed-loop shot controls - a trend that Mickowski expects to be accelerated by Striko UK's intimate knowledge of the business. "Their service and sales staffing is geared to supporting existing equipment and responding to new projects, and the fact that the products of our two organisations are complementary will also be beneficial to customers", he said.  

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