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Upcoming UK Seminar

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April 1, 2003 - Tymac President to give talk on new injection technology.

The Seminar is to be a one day event held at the Manor Hotel in Meriden, Warwickshire, England. Around 100 delegates from the UK diecasting industry are anticipated.

The theme of the conference is the latest developments in diecasting technologies, mixed with their use to respond rapidly to succeed in international markets. There will be speakers on rapid prototyping and how to implant leading and unique manufacturing technologies in plants in countries with developing economies.

Mr. Mickowski's talk will focus on Tymac's new SuperShot 2002 system, how it works, and the substantial benefits received by diecasters on 3 continents who have tested this new injection technology.

"In our new shot end R&D lab," says Mr. Mickowski, "we have scored some significant breakthroughs. By [April], we will be in a position to disclose the technology and present case histories."

He continues:
"With this new technology, we can accurately and repeatibly create virtually any desired profile. For example, we can ramp to any velocity from 1 IPS to the maximum speed, then accelerate or decelerate to an intermediate speed, then up to 150 or more IPS, decelerate to any speed in about 3 mS, etc. As it relates to cold chamber vacuum die casting, ramp to close the pour hole, slow down to as slow as 1.0 IPS to allow for maximum evacuation, then up to 25 to fill the cavity part way, then to 150 IPS followed by impact elimination speed of 20 IPS for the last 5mm of stroke. For hot chamber die casting, any similar or better profile could be used. It only requires about 2-3mm to make a substantial velocity change, so the technology applies to short stroke zinc machines just as well."


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