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MTU-9000 The Tymac MTU-9000 collects and stores data from throughout the plant in a single, central database. It ties together all the features necessary for plantwide control, in a single machine.

Versatile Displays
High-resolution color graphics show you a multitude of data and display formats, from simple shot profiles and data logging, to a wide variety of SPC charts. These can be customized to your needs for precise data analysis. They can be exported to other computers for further specialized processing.

Continuous Collection, Access, and Display
The MTU-9000 has a dedicated server and networked workstations, allowing data to be monitored simultaneously from every connected machine in the plant. Multiple users can access it at once. Real-time reports, graphs, and analyses are available even while the system is still collecting the shot data.

Easy to Use
Both the server and the workstations use Windows-compatible systems and easy, menu-style user interfaces.

Powerful Software
The MTU-9000 has all the software features of the RTU-9000, but can handle every machine all at once, instantly, providing even greater scope and a wider range of analysis.


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