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Tymac Involute 110 Autoladle

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Tymac 110 Autoladle

Flexible, functional, and accurate, the Tymac Autoladle is a valuable addition to the line.

Dual-Axis Autoladle
  • Can be mounted on any make or size of die casting machine.
  • Works with the machine seamlessly in autocycle, without the need for separate commands.
  • Simplified interfacing of ladle and die casting machine ensures that the autoladle is positioned over the shot hole, ready to discharge metal immediately on die closure.
  • Computer-controlled, transferring metal from furnace to die casting machine with no spillage.
  • Ladle rotation speed, crank speed, shot weight, and timer values are easily programmed via the control panel.
  • Built-in tests ensure the metal level sensor circuit is verified on every shot.
  • Rugged design for minimum maintenance and long life.

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