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LCM-9000 The Tymac LCM-9000 is a full-featured, expandable building block that grows with your needs. It provides continuous process monitoring and performance reports on a single die cast machine. Quick comparisons between past performance and present operation allow for rapid process adjustments and optimum performance.

Cuts Waste The LCM-9000 immediately signals out-of-tolerance conditions that can lead to undetected scrap.

LCM Encoder Thorough Monitoring The custom design of the LCM-9000 gives it some unique features not found in other "basic" process monitors. Right out of the box, the LCM-9000 includes 2 pressure channels, 2 temperature channels, and 1 position/velocity channel (hardware included). All in all, the LCM-9000 provides measurement and calculations on 28 different process variables. Plus. it gives these measurements in either US (imperial) or metric units.

Lightning Quick
The LCM-9000's application-specific design also gives it tremendous speed. Machines with cycles as fast as one second are no problem for the LCM-9000.

Made to survive in the tough plant environment, with industrial components and a sealed steel case, the LCM-9000 is fully hardened to heat, vibration, and stress. Advanced technology means a minimum of moving parts.

Grows with Your Needs
Finally, the LCM-9000 was designed to meet the unique needs of the die casting industry. The basic system is expandable to include additional temperatures, pressures, tie-bar strain monitoring, die temperature control and even full real-time closed-loop shot control.


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