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SouthEastern Designers, Inc.:


I want to take this opportunity to express my admiration for your outstanding products. For 5 years I have observed the instrumented die casting process, taken part in ADCI, DCRF and SDCE information and educational services and made real improvements in the die casting work method.

I have carefully evaluated die casting instrumentation and controls. Still, to this day I have not found better, more advanced systems than those developed by Tymac.

I know that more improvements can be made in controls and instrumentation but the state-of-the-art is to be found in your equipment. I look forward to new and surprising advancements coming from your progressive work. Right now, I know I will continue to enjoy working with and seeing the results of your present product line.

Sincerely, William J. Barnes, President SDI

Top Die Casting Company, Inc.:

For almost 10 years, we have used Tymac real time closed loop control systems and...MTU-9000 central computer system to produce superior die castings. In the beginning, the RTU-5000 SuperShot II's gave us the ability to dramatically reduce scrap rates and achieve quality levels that gave us a substantial competitive advantage. The performance and flexibility of the Tymac SuperShots has been a key factor in our ability to rapidly expand while remaining profitable every year.

In our drive to maintain our competitive advantage, we have recently investigated alternatives to the Tymac SuperShot closed loop controls and have found none better. Recently, we evaluated new die casting machine builder technology for shot control and SSM applications. ...We found that the technology performance, reliability and flexibility offered by Tymac to be the best available. Consequently, our maintenance team has decided to install Tymac SuperShot real time control systems on every machine.

I took the time to write this letter to express our satisfaction with our business dealings with Tymac and in recognition of the results we have realized.

Yours Sincerely, Joe Prieve

Recently...Tymac has been very helpful and responsive to our concerns. Our current system has been running relatively trouble free since [their] visit earlier this year. I am very impressed with the Tymac system. It provides plenty of valuable data, and has proven to be durable in this rough casting environment. The system is accurate...I would recommend the use of Tymac shot control for future systems. Tymac has been committed to upward compatibility with their equipment.

[name withheld]

J.V. Murcott:

I have been impressed by the reliability and robustness of the Tymac equipment and software and the broad scope of real time information provided by the MTU/LCM network. The payback generated by the first six systems within months of operation, and the assurance that our process is operating consistent with our customers' quality demands, motivated us to release the additional four. The network also provides us with valuable, real time management information. The Tymac network will be expanded to encompass all 19 machines at the Tamworth plant, ranging from 300 to 2,000 tonnes by the end of 2002.

Wayne Murcott

Since the introduction of the Tymac Supershot system we have seen a vast improvement in the reduction of flash on our castings. Castings which would be on the limit of the die cast process envelope would run consistantly and reliably with the supershot system. Further more with the confidence gained from operating the supershot we can inject metal at much higher velocities knowing full well we will keep the metal within the die cavity rather than all over the machine guarding.

Bill Liu


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