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Case History #3 - American Brands:"I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that the Tymac-equipped 150 ton die casting machine is meeting or exceeding our projected expectations."

- Patrick Bye, Engineering Manager

American Brands was using a 150-ton die casting machine to make staplers, but they were experiencing several problems. Many of the staplers produced suffered from poor fill. Surface finish was also a big problem, requiring a lot of treatment, if the part was salvageable at all. Overall, scrap rate was averaging 35%.

Tymac was asked to perform an engineering analysis, and made several recommendations, which American Brands followed, purchasing a SuperShot III, RTU-9000, LCM-9000, and a die-temperature control unit.

Their scrap rate promptly dropped...to ZERO.

The following table shows machine improvements achieved with the new Tymac equipment. This data was after only 2 weeks of running. Further fine-tuning improved things even more.

without Tymac with Tymac
 Shots/Hour, average 170 227
 Yield 65% 100%
 Injection Velocity 26ips 51ips
 Fill Time 30.79ms 16.0ms
 Fill Velocity Variation, 3 sigma 46.8% 8.3%
 Stroke Length Variation, 3 sigma 41.3% 4.9%
 Final Pressure Variation 46.6% 6.5%
 Metal Temperature, average 805 772
 Locking tons required for zero flash over 150 (not possible) under 100

Apart from the improvements produced on the machine itself, post-casting processing was cut way down. This included buffing, painting, and inspection. These were largely unneeded because flash and porosity had both dropped to practically zero.

ACCO was so satisfied with the performance of Tymac's products, that they swiftly converted another machine.

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