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Case History #2 - Top Die Casting: this prominent Midwestern custom die casting company saw substantial scrap reductions and quality improvements.

Cherry Picker Top Die Casting had an opportunity for a contract to supply hydraulic adapters for cherry pickers. The casting would require a 5000 PSI leak test after machining and impregnation. The previous supplier had had scrap rates of up to 80%. To avoid this, they decided to retrofit a 1978 650-ton B&T machine with Tymac's SuperShot III.

Tymac's RTU-9000 analyzed filling conditions to develop an optimal shot profile. In the first month of operation, a scrap rate of 8% was achieved. Over the next two months, the RTU-9000 recommended further gating and process adjustments, and scrap rates dropped to consistently below 0.4%. The customer was so pleased, they dropped the leak test requirement, saving even more money.

As an additional benefit, Top Die Casting reports that they successfully do 800-ton jobs on their SuperShot-equipped 650-ton machines, due to the effectiveness of the low-impact deceleration.

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