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What are Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Control?
Why You Should Consider Remanufacturing vs. Purchasing a New Machine
Capability of a SuperShot 680K Cold Chamber Shot End
SuperShot Quality & Cost Benefits Example
The Control of Impact Pressure in the High-Pressure Die Casting Process (PDF)
Cost Justification (PDF)
Discussion of Process Control Systems and the Die Cast Process (PDF)
Economic Benefits of Process Monitoring and Control (PDF)
Results of Monitoring & Controlling a 660-Ton Die Casting Machine (PDF)

Training Presentations:
Hot Chamber Training Presentation Slides
Hot Chamber Training Presentation (PDF)
Cold Chamber Training Presentation Slides
Cold Chamber Training Presentation (PDF)

Case Studies:
Case Study: Sullivan Die Casting (PDF)
Case Study: Top Die Casting (PDF)
Computerized Monitoring and Real-Time Injection Control: A Case Study (PDF)

Seven-Phase Velocity Control datasheet (PDF)
The Position/Velocity Encoder datasheet (PDF)
Hot Chamber Die Casting datasheet (PDF)
LCM-9000 datasheet (PDF)
RTU-9000 datasheet (PDF)
MTU-9000 datasheet (PDF)
Predictive Control datasheet (PDF)
Remanufacturing Scope datasheet (PDF)
Scrap & Downtime Reports datasheet (PDF)
SuperShot Shot End datasheet (PDF)
Autoladle datasheet (PDF)
Tie Bar Strain Measuring Option (PDF)
Real-Time Closed-Loop Control for Shot End (PDF)

Customer Testimonials:
ACCO (aka American Brands) testimonial (PDF)
Alloy testimonial (PDF)
Grand Rapids testimonial (PDF)
Haug testimonial (PDF)
Hi Tech testimonial (PDF)
Kuhlman testimonial (PDF)
J.V. Murcott testimonial (PDF)
Presbar testimonial (PDF)
SDI testimonial (PDF)
Top testimonial (PDF)

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