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Investment in machinery and equipment is the largest capital expenditure for a die caster. So maximizing their performance, in a cost-effective manner, is crucial. After many years, the performance of a die casting machine deteriorates to the point where increased flash and increased cycle time demand that something be done.

Benefits of Remanufacturing

While purchase of a new die casting machine to replace an existing machine which has seen a number of years of service may seem the obvious solution - and may in fact be the appropriate choice in some circumstances - it is a costly one. In most cases, a comprehensive remanufacture of the existing machine by a qualified, quality-driven, technically capable specialist will add many years of reliable service life to the machine and provide "good-as-new" (or better!) machine performance at a fraction of the cost of a new machine (typically, 1/3 to 1/2 the cost). In fact, by updating the machine to incorporate the latest technology and operator safety improvements, the die caster can "customize" the already-familiar machine to achieve maximum performance and productivity for that plant's specific operating environment.

In addition to the savings in machinery investment, opting for remanufacturing has a number of other economic benefits, including:

  • Faster delivery than most new machines
  • Reduced payback period
  • Use of existing foundations, plumbing, and electric
  • Reduced installation time
  • Elimination of training for operator & maintenance personnel
  • Use of existing spare parts inventory

Rebuilding vs. Remanufacturing

These terms can be confusing, but they are most definitely NOT the same.

REBUILDING involves repairing one or more specific problem areas, such as worn parts. Most rebuilders are generalists, covering a wide range of machinery in many different industries, and are therefore not likely to be specialized in die casting machines. Even worse, many of them are also used equipment dealers - so it is quite possible they are making repairs with an eye towards resale, fixing the essential problems and the cosmetic ones, not looking for parts about to cause problems, and certainly not doing a comprehensive inspection of the entire machine.

REMANUFACTURING involves a complete teardown of the entire machine, followed by a thorough inspection and evaluation of all components (large and small, mechanical and electrical), not just the critical elements. This includes seals, bearings, cylinders, fasteners, gearboxes, chains, pins, hydraulic lines, relays, solenoids, motors, pumps, tie bars, linkages, bushings, and so on. Any questionable items are replaced, and all critical components are restored to manufacturer's specifications and tolerances, or better. Any original design defects are corrected. Finally, any specified safety and technology upgrades are installed. Then, the reassembled machine is thoroughly checked out and dry-cycled for 8-16 hours before shipment. A remanufactured machine not only looks like new, it performs like new - and frequently, better than new.

Before Remanufacture After Remanufacture!

Choosing a Remanufacturer

For this important job, it's important to choose a superior vendor. Here are some questions you should ask:
  • Do you specialize exclusively in rebuilding machinery for the die casting industry?
  • Do you have the necessary equipment and engineering and fabrication expertise to perform the work capably and efficiently?
  • Do you have a reputation in the die casting community for quality work and after-sale service?
  • Do you have the necessary mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, programming, and control systems resources to accurately diagnose and treat potential problem areas?
  • Do you have the facilities necessary to dry-run and thoroughly cycle the remanufactured machine prior to shipment?
  • Do you offer a comprehensive warranty for all work performed?
Tymac Controls Corp. has decades of experience serving die casters worldwide, in machinery manufacturing and remanufacturing, hydraulic and electronic control systems, MIS systems and custom software.

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