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SuperShot III Explanation

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Tymac Seven (7) Phase Velocity Control System

The key to the SuperShot III's spectacular performance is precision. Programmable real-time closed-loop CNC control of all injection phases provides maximum shot consistency and repeatability. Flash and porosity are reduced drastically, and surface finish and stability are greatly improved. Here is a walkthrough of a typical shot, with a profile from each of the stages.

Phase 1 1st Phase/LIFT-OFF:

Absorbs initial oil surge from accumulator to prevent shock wave in the metal and prevent gas entrapment. Remains constant for all setups.

Phase 2


Advances plunger past the pour hole with precisely controlled velocity and fills cold chamber to minimum 50% full. Remains constant for all setups.

Phase 3


Precisely controlled at the "critical slow shot velocity" to eliminate waves and turbulence in the metal. Prevents porosity caused by gas entrapment.

Phase 4

4th Phase/FAST SHOT:

Industry's fastest acceleration to high cavity filling speed. Closed-loop control even at maximum injection speed provides the best reproducibility possible. Automatically compensates for other variables to prevent defects.

Phase 5

5th Phase/LOW IMPACT:

Industry's fastest deceleration allows higher fast-shot velocities to obtain less porosity and better surface finish without flash. Increases machine's effective clamping tonnage by 25 to 50%. Unique Tymac flexible control by metal pressure or position compensates for ladle variation automatically.

Phase 6

6th Phase/FINAL FILL:

Increases Metal Pressure within milliseconds after LOW IMPACT to increase casting density and prevent porosity without excessive flash.

Phase 7


Unique Tymac flexible control of intensifier by metal pressure, position, and time automatically compensates for stroke variation. The faster response with consistency, through Tymac Intensimax Control, delivers minimum porosity and optimum properties.

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